The subject of my art is important and personal to me. I am not trying to tell a story but rather want to learn more, for there is more than one side to everything.   I want to find meaning in my surroundings so I can gain control of its chaos. I recreate the appearance of things to capture the experience and to share it.   My arranging of subjects is to get beyond the surface and to explore the human psyche in relations among people and within themselves.

Vladimir Goryachev is a Los Angeles area figurative artist. Vladimir received his MFA degree from California State University Long Beach. As an immigrant from Russia at the age of 17, Vladimir completed his education and received an MFA degree from California  State University, Long Beach.  As a studio painter and sculptor, Vladimir draws inspiration from direct observations and explores the relation of human form in volumetric space. In dealing with everyday life, he finds pictorial metaphors in the presence and absence of human figures in surrounding spaces, evoking a concern for individual existence. Vladimir’s artwork is seen in many private collections and his sculpture piece, titled ‘Eternal Dance’ is in public collection at Santa Monica College. Currently, he teaches figure drawing and sculpture at Fullerton State University and California State University Dominguez Hills.